Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FullServiceMarina.com can increase marina revenue generation

How can FullServiceMarina.com increase marina revenue generation?

One of the problems that small businesses face is increased revenue generation. Sometimes it's hard to keep the prop turning. How can a software product help with that? How is it even related? Software costs me money right?

Not ours. Our software can help generate revenue and not only pay for itself but make you money. This is a bold claim, I know. Please read on....

As always I like to show how our marina software platform addresses and solves problems for real life problems and scenarios. I know the industry not just from the clients we serve but also from the customer perspective. I have a boat. I am a marina customer. This is my marina. I love to go boating.  Here is a picture of my boat.

I love to fish. Click here to read one of my forum posts. Although the picture is of my better half, I dream of cobalt blue water and the sun on my face. Spending time with friends and family on the water is as good as it gets for me. Time is my most precious asset. I like to go fishing on Friday nights. It is my thing... get off work around 6 and head for my boat. By 5:30 the marina staff has already gone home for the day. Before I get there I have to stop off at the bait and tackle store for bait and tackle of course. Then I stop at the station for ice and drinks. Sometimes I have to make a third stop for something special. Before I know it, it's after 7 and I'm just getting to the marina and unloading my truck. Again, by 5:30 the marina staff is already gone for the day. Sometimes when I don't plan very well, or when the fishing has been really hot, I get low on gas and need to make a run to the only pump open after hours. That eats another half hour. Thankfully I am just a hop, skip and jump away from the inlet and offshore.

Wouldn't it be great if I had a place to order ice, drink, bait and fuel ahead of time and have someone else handle those requests for me? As a customer, I have to say I would pay extra just to save some of my precious time to get offshore and find blue water.

Come to think of it, this could be great for the marina as well. On a regular basis I am spending $30, $60 maybe $100 a weekend depending on what supplies I need and who is coming with me. That doesn't include all of the times I need fuel. That gets expensive. I know that the marina sells all of the items I want and need. I have to say that I would rather see my money go to the marina than the guy at the gas station up the street.

This is a real life scenario. This is my experience. In speaking with tons of boat owners and marina staff this is the norm. This is how the industry works.

Our marina software platform allows marina customers to make requests. It allows your customers to buy items you display over the internet. It allows your customers to schedule their excursions ahead of time and it allows them to add goods from your ship store and fuel dock to their order. If you get a request for just a boat launch, with a single mouse click you can send an email soliciting the customer for ice, drink, bait, fuel or other services such as boat detailing or maintenance. All of these operations do the same thing. They upsell and farm your existing customer base for the money that they would have spent anyway. If you know your customers are going to spend the money...  why not give them a way to spend it with you? This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how www.fullservicemarina.com can drive more revenue to your bottom line. I invite you to find out more by clicking here.

Best regards,

The FullServiceMarina.com team

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