Monday, March 12, 2012

Staying personally connected to your customers in the digital age.

As a business owner, staying personally connected with our customers is tough enough with all of the responsibilities that we face. Especially since the dawn of the digital age, more and more people opt to keep others at arms length. Technology advancements in the last decade have made the internet, cellphones and other handheld devices ubiquitous.

Let's face it, the internet and these internet enabled handheld devices are here to stay. The genie is out of the bottle and we aren't getting it back in there. Once people get a sense of freedom from their mobile devices they are off and running. People do everything on these devices these days. The internet has allowed people of all ages to do some of the following on the go:

How can we help business owners embrace technology, harness this power and even profit from it while still providing personal service? is the answer. Our interactive marina software solution provides you with the ability to send personalized email solicitations, personalized marketing emails, a central place for your customers to share their most recent boating and fishing stories and customizable hyperlinks on your boat owners page directing them the resources that they need and use regularly such as local inlet web cams, tides and weather. These resources help provide your marina with that "personal" feel even in the internet age. Lets take a deeper look at each of these items.

Send personalized email solicitations
Our marina software allows you to send personalized solicitations. I personally hate junk mail in my inbox. Our platform give you the ability to add a personalized message on the fly when you attempt to increase sales with interactive solicitations. "Hey Jim, we noticed you have been out a lot lately. Can we fill you up on fuel before you get here?" This is a personalized message with impact from someone I trust! People do business with people they know, like and trust. You are already involved, now it is time to ask for the increased business and sales. Our interactive marina software lets you ask for more business right from day one.

Personalized marketing emails
Our email marketer feature allows you to send personalized email messages to a segment of your customer base. Simply choose the fields that you want to filter with and off you go. You can filter by age and size of boat or motor, or both. You can filter on fuel type, user activity or maybe if they have a facebook page or not. When you have your target customers you can add a personalized message telling them about a boat detailing special or filter change. This can be whatever product or server you want to market your customers with. Seeing this personalized message you customer will think this looks like a coupon or "weekly special". They will see this as a way to save money for products and services they were going to buy anyway. Again, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Your customers already know, like and trust you. Now is the time to ask for more sales. Our interactive marina software facilitates more business right from day one. 

Share their most recent boating and fishing stories
Think of your own favorite personal story. Mine is about my wife catching MY wahoo the day after my birthday. Sharing this story with others is the best part. As a fisherman I like to brag a little when I catch a good fish too. Our integrated forum posts helps create that community feel for your marina customers. Sharing their experiences helps make that bond stronger. Your customers will have more and more incentive to keep coming back. The more they are on, the more opportunity they have to see what you have showcased for them.

Customizable hyperlinks on your boat owners page
As a boater and fisherman myself I have a checklist of websites I hit before each excursion. I look at local marina forecasts, weather, tides and my nearest inlet web cam. You can customize these links for your boat owners to make your boat owner portal pages a one stop shop. Your customers will have more and more incentive to keep coming back. Again, the more they are on, the more opportunity they have to see what you have showcased for them.

Staying connected isn't always the problem either. The quality of that connection and the quality of the experience can be the issue. Taking active steps to enhance the customer experience can be the doorway to creating that personal feel that our customers want.

Our marina software platform can help you, the business owner embrace, harness and allow technology to empower you and your customer base. Used properly, our interactive marina software can help you profit monetarily as well. Partnering with us allows you to provide your customers with a cutting edge product that allows them to make requests on the go, with the personal touch.

Check us out here for more details.

Best regards,

Steve Bowman
and the rest of the team.


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